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Ayurvedic Diet and Cooking

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Ayurvedic Diet and Cooking

Ayurveda core principle is all disease starts in the gut. Now studies in western science prove the health of our gut flora and strength of our digestion directly impacts disease manifestations and speed of recovery.

Through diet and cooking consultations new ideas and habits are established into daily routine and specifically managed to be achievable based on your current lifestyle and food options.

Professional Ayurvedic Chefs will help you design:


Meal Plan

A customized constitutional meal plan that changes with the seasons and is based on your current goals.


kitchen Reset

Full review of your current food set up and a kitchen reset.


Nutrient Absorption

Learn how spices can be activated and used in each meal as a nutrient dense prebiotic to assist in nutrient absorption


Diet and Detox

Regular seasonal diets, detox and cleanses